Work hard, listen, learn and importantly enjoy it

Hi, I'm Pete

Brighton University

Once I had completed my final year at university and attained my degree I knew I wanted to make my way back to WB, however I had to have some patience and wait for an opportunity to arise. I spent 18 months working for a TV platform learning brand and media strategy while gaining valuable exposure to another side of the entertainment industry.

Once a Marketing Executive role opened up in the UK film team I jumped at the chance, it’s now been 5 years and I gained promotion to Marketing manager around two years ago. I have since hired another ex-intern reporting into me which is further evidence of WB’s desire to re-hire promising interns after their final year at university.

What is involved in your current role at Warner Bros.?

I am responsible for leading a team to implement and evaluate lifecycle marketing campaigns on film titles across their theatrical and home video (including digital) new release windows for the UK market.

As the marketing team we are the gatekeepers of any given campaign and work very closely with departments across the business including publicity, technical operations, theatrical/home entertainment sales, creative teams and external agencies as well as many others that number to many to mention but all work together to deliver fantastic, integrated & creative campaigns each and every year.

Why would you recommend a Placement year at Warner Bros.?

The responsibilities and trust given to our placement students year after year is testament to the value we put on their contribution to our team. I believe it far exceeds that of many other companies and truly gives them the skills and knowledge to build a successful career.

In addition to this the employment rate following the placement years is excellent, if you work hard, prove yourself and the opportunities are there post university, WB have a great track record of rewarding our past placement students.

What was the most important piece of advice or thing you learnt during your Placement Year at Warner Bros.?

Work hard, listen, learn and importantly enjoy it. You only get one opportunity and particularly in our industry those opportunities are rare and hard to come by.