I get to see loads of cool stuff like trailers, new TV shows, etc. as part of my day job!

Hi, I'm Maxi

Student at Northumbria University

I applied for a Warner Bros. placement because it's an exciting company that I knew I'd feel proud to be associated with. I wanted a role that suited my interests and which would also allow me to develop skills that could be applied to a range of jobs in the future.

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Describe a normal day in the office…

A normal day will usually involve coming in to the office and recording the ‘overnight’ ratings of our TV shows that aired the night before, and then assisting with requests from the TV production teams regarding ratings and other metrics provided for our other shows. I may also help my team with any projects they may be working for, or complete more bespoke requests for the sales team or other executives.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the independence I’m allowed, where I am able to complete my tasks in a way which makes sense to me and at a pace that allows me to balance quality and attention to detail with the time I have available. I like being able to analyse the performance of shows that everyone is watching, and exploring how audience trends affect Warner Bros’ operations and business decisions. I can work in an environment where I’m not scared to ask questions, try new things and learn something new literally every single day. Plus, we get to see loads of cool stuff like trailers, new TV shows, etc. as part of the day job!

What’s your favourite WB TV show?

It’s hard to pick just one! At the moment I’m really enjoying the new US TV series ‘You’.

What’s been a highlight for you so far?

So far, getting to have a tour around the Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios where we got to see the studio lot and attend a Q&A with some really talented executives.