Working for WB has been a dream come true, every day I am excited to go into the office and see what’s coming next as our industry is constantly evolving.

Hi, I'm Chris

City, University of London

I applied for a placement role at WB as it offered me the opportunity to combine a genuine passion of mine in gaming, whilst working within a job related to my studies. WB is a fantastic global company which I and most others have been exposed to from a young age. Through films, television and for me especially in gaming, WB has made an unforgettable impact on my life to the point at which applying was not even a question!

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What is involved in your current role at Warner Bros.?

For me a typical day at the office begins with me grabbing a cup of coffee and then running a macro (code within Excel VBA) which checks for changes in our international financial forecasts. Usually after this it is my responsibility to investigate these changes further to see what the reason behind them is. The rest of the day varies depending on what is going on in the office at the time or on what ad-hoc tasks my line managers need of me. These tasks can involve me investigating into the success of recent promotions, comparing how different gaming platforms rank against each other, also considering the costs associated with marketing and distributing our titles. When I am not doing specific tasks, I often find myself developing macros to enable us to automate our repetitive excel processes and save time. During busier periods, for example near to the financial month end, there are files that need to be updated to reflect changes from forecasts to actuals amongst other things and it is my role to produce many of these reports.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Within my role I would say that I enjoy the amount of responsibility given to me within my team. It is incredibly rewarding to see the work that you have produced being distributed to managers all around the world.

What’s your favourite WB film/ TV show/ game?

Game - Batman: Arkham City

What’s been a highlight for you so far?

A highlight for me so far whilst working for WB was when I was given the opportunity to go and see ‘The Meg’ at a staff screening the day before it was released in the cinemas. Not only was the film excellent but being given tickets through work to see it was an incredible experience for me!