Enjoy yourself. That is the most important thing as the year will fly by and you do not want to regret not taking certain opportunities.

Hi, I'm Bipin

Student at the University of Bath

My main responsibilities include tracking and reporting the performance of WB shows and US scripted shows in the UK, Germany and on OTT platforms. I am be the ‘go to’ person for information and data on the performance of a show.

Describe a normal day in the office…

I arrive at the office at 9:15 and update the ratings of UK and Germany from overnight data. This may take up to 2 hours. Ad-hoc requests are then processed throughout the day. These can vary from reports on TV shows or analysis of various countries of their TV landscapes. The production department will also provide requests for certain reports or insights. As my department is more general in our capabilities, this enables many departments to request research related inquiries. The changing landscape of the job keep it fresh and ensure that you are always learning new and interesting information while on the job.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The knowledge gained into the TV habits of an entire nation via ratings and viewership. To know which shows are popular in a particular country interests me as it can give insight into the population as a whole.

As an avid TV watcher, working in a team of other TV lovers makes coming to work every day an absolute delight.

Being able to see films and TV pilots before they are released is also a great perk to the job. So far, I have seen Dunkirk, Annabelle: Creation, Young Sheldon and Deception. These screening in the in-house cinema help interns to remain informed of new releases.

What’s your favourite WB film/TV show/game?

My favourite TV show is Arrow but more generally, I love the slate of DC TV shows produced by Warner Bros. Television.

What’s been a highlight for you so far?

It must be the premiere of Dunkirk at the BFI IMAX. Sitting in the audience in the theatre was a surreal experience. The cast being at the theatre and seeing Christopher Nolan talk so wholeheartedly about the film is something I will never forget. An experience of a lifetime. Also, I was asked to help the creative team on a project which required a little voice work. This was an amazing experience which I was not aware would even be possible during the placement.