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Hear directly from our current and returning Placement students about their Warner Bros. experiences!

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Find out more about our placements from some of our current interns as well as some Ex-Interns that have since returned to the business! They’ll tell you about their typical day and highlights of their Placement Year so far - they might make you decide to apply!

Our returning Placement students have also told us about their journey back to Warner Bros. and given some advice on why you should apply for a Placement year here. There might be a hidden tip or two in their profiles!

Hi, I'm Malu
Catalogue Marketing Placement Student, 2017-2018
Oxford Brookes University

My highlight has to be meeting the people I work with, especially all of the other placement students, as we are already a really good group of friends and I can tell that I will stay in contact with them long after my year at Warner Bros. comes to an end. My team are incredibly supportive and couldn’t have been more welcoming.

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Hi, I'm Curtis
Consumer Products Creative & Marketing Placement Student, 2017-2018
University of Ulster

I applied for a Placement with Warner Bros. for many reasons. The most obvious reason would of course be the fantastic opportunity to work for a huge corporate business that has an excellent reputation as an employer and as an entertainment company.

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Hi, I'm Bipin
TV Marketing Research Placement Student, 2017-2018
University of Bath

I applied for Warner Bros. as I wanted to be a part of an industry I love. I was incredibly excited about the prospect of working with a company that has a great reputation and is also home to some of my favourite films and film properties.

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Hi, I'm Ali
International Marketing & Digital Games Placement Student, 2017-2018
University of Reading

I am responsible for supporting both the Digital and Marketing teams. My responsibilities include managing and localising assets to be distributed across EMEA and managing the trackers for props and equipment to be used in events worldwide.

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Hi, I'm Gabrielle
Learning & Development Placement Student, 2017-2018
Nottingham Trent University

I knew that I wanted to work for a company that embraces creativity and innovation and just from filling out the application form; I knew that this was the placement that I wanted because I was already excited about it.

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Hi, I'm Ashley
Returning International Sales Analyst Placement Student
Leeds Metropolitan University

After completing my placement at WB, I returned to Leeds to complete the final year of my Economics degree. Upon graduating, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position as a Credit & Risk Analyst at a leading bank, in Leeds. I worked in this role for 18 months, before being offered the chance to return to my former department in a recently created management role.

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Hi, I'm Pete
Returning Marketing Analyst Placement Student
Brighton University

Once I had completed my final year at university and attained my degree I knew I wanted to make my way back to WB, however I had to have some patience and wait for an opportunity to arise. I spent 18 months working for a TV platform learning brand and media strategy and gaining valuable exposure to another side of the entertainment industry.

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Hi, I'm Sarah
Returning Digital Distribution & Sales Placement Student
University of Plymouth

Never be afraid to ask a question, no matter how silly or basic you think it might be! Everyone at WB is more than happy to assist you if you ever get stuck, and your department wants you to be a success so ask plenty of questions to aid your development and get the most from this opportunity!

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