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Hear directly from our current and returning Placement students about their Warner Bros. experiences!

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Find out more about our placements from some of our current interns as well as some Ex-Interns that have since returned to the business! They’ll tell you about their typical day and highlights of their Placement Year so far - they might make you decide to apply!

Our returning Placement students have also told us about their journey back to Warner Bros. and given some advice on why you should apply for a Placement year here. There might be a hidden tip or two in their profiles!

Hi, I'm Annabel
European Film Business Intern (Licensees), 2018-2019
Aston University

I have had a great start to my placement and I am excited to complete the rest of the year here. Working for Warner Bros. has provided me with an extensive range of opportunities to learn and grow as a business woman, whilst also making me feel like a valued employee and member of my team.

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Hi, I'm Dilusha
European Film Business (Affiliates and Licensees), 2018-19
University of Kent

Working for Warner Bros. as a placement student is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s a great way to add some flare to your CV, but also a brilliant opportunity to learn as much as possible about working within a corporate environment.

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Hi, I'm Maxi
TV Marketing Research Placement Student, 2018-19
Northumbria University

I applied for a Warner Bros. placement because it's an exciting company that I knew I'd feel proud to be associated with. I wanted a role that suited my interests and which would also allow me to develop skills that could be applied to a range of jobs in the future.

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Hi, I'm Eloise
Digital Marketing Intern, 2018-19
University of Warwick

If you want to gain real marketing skills or start a career in this industry, the WB placements are the best opportunities out there!

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Hi, I'm Chantal
European Digital Publicity Intern, 2018-19
Loughborough University

Warner Bros. is a world-renowned company responsible for some of the most successful films in the entertainment world. I believed that applying for a Publicity placement with Warner Bros. would be an exceptional opportunity for me to gain experience within an industry that I love and prepare me for a career in Publicity.

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Hi, I'm Chris
Finance Games Intern, 2018-19
City, University of London

Working for WB has been a dream come true, every day I am excited to go into the office and see what’s coming next as our industry is constantly evolving. Working here makes me feel like I am working within a huge family unit where everyone is happily striving to go the extra mile with everything that they do. This is an ethos many companies struggle to achieve but it is something that WB has successfully accomplished!

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Hi, I'm James
Harry Potter Global Franchise Development Intern, 2018-19
University of Loughborough

I would say the main reason I applied was because I knew the company really valued interns as an integral part of the team.

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Hi, I'm Emma
UK Film Sales, 2018-19
Bournemouth University

I am three months in to my placement year at Warner Bros and I already don’t want it to end! I already know this year will provide me with invaluable industry experience and a clear view of the direction I want my career to go in.

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Hi, I'm Rosie
Learning & Organisational Development Intern, 2018-19
Brighton University

The opportunities and experiences that Warner Bros. offer are amazing and after reading about the role I knew it was something I wanted to do!

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