I get to work with a lot of different departments and everyone is extremely friendly. They all treat me as a fellow employee, rather than a student.

Hi, I'm Joe

Student at Loughborough University

I’ve always had a specific plan when it came to my future as a Graphic Designer. I knew that I wanted to do design work within the entertainment industry – especially working with films and games. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to make this dream a reality when I saw that Warner Bros. offered a placement program. In addition to being the home of my two favourite directors of all time – Christopher Nolan and Stanley Kubrick, Warner Bros. is also responsible for my favourite franchises. Whether it is the Dark Knight Trilogy or the Classic Vacation film series.

I knew that working for Warner Bros. would give me invaluable practise working for an international organisation and present responsibilities that would prepare me for the professional world – experience I wouldn’t be able to gain at University.

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What is involved in my role

I have a coffee in the morning as I catch-up on my emails, and plan out the projects I’ll be working on for the day. It’s important for me to work out which briefs are top priority, so I can make sure I meet my deadlines.

Multi-tasking is extremely important in my role, as in addition to working on my main creative briefs, I need to be ready for any requests that pop up during the day. These requests can range from supplying clients with assets and style guides, helping out with quick touch-ups or performing financial tasks.

What I enjoy most about my role

The diverse range of the projects I work on. Having a breadth of franchises to work with means that I’m always working on something new. I’ve worked in the digital arena, designing new websites, through to print; creating inserts and covers for home entertainment releases. It’s an amazing feeling as a designer to know that a mass audience is actually seeing the work you’re doing. I feel as if I’m designing for a purpose, rather than conceptually.

I get to work with a lot of different departments and everyone is extremely friendly. They all treat me as a fellow employee, rather than a student. I’ve learnt invaluable skills working here, which have given me a huge step up from what I learnt at University. The quick project turnarounds will prepare me for my final year.

From a design perspective; I’m learning about formatting creative to fit a specific purpose, the legal guidelines of working with licensed assets and responding efficiently to constant feedback. From an employability perspective; I am adapting to the constant workflow of a large office environment, organising my time more efficiently, and keeping in communication with external clients.

Favourite Warner Bros. Film?

The Dark Knight

Most memorable moment

Every day has been surreal. It’s an amazing feeling to wake up excited every morning. Being surrounded every day by visuals of Batman and Harry Potter never gets boring! My first week was definitely the highlight so far though. I was lucky enough to go to the Tarzan film premiere, and watch the sold-out Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – both in my first week! It’d be an understatement to say it was a great introduction to the year I have ahead of me.